Chairman of The Board of Trustees' Message

SWIU is a modern, traditional and global learning university establish branch campuses all over the world for overseeing traditional and non-traditional learning.

SWIU is listed in the EDUCAUSE as an institutional member by Carnegie Classifications. The 2000 Carnegie Classification includes all colleges and universities in the United States that are degree-granting and accredited by an agency recognized by the U. S. Secretary of Education. The 2000 edition classifies institutions based on their degree-granting activities from 1995-96 through 1997-98.

SWIU embraces the following in its endeavors to provide a firstclass educationto all its enrolled students:

  • It is the direction of the university to grow and expand and acquire more strength for growth and expansion in the future.
  • There is strong commitment from individuals within the university to assist the university in its endeavors.
  • The university does not release student information to third parties in accordance with Marketing Coordinator Federal Laws and the Buckley Amendment of l974 as amended.
  • Studying at SWIU is exciting, learning is made simple to educate leaders in a distinguished program of quality education for today and tomorrow.
  • SWIU is distinguished in its programs, faculty, academic environment and the rigors of globalization of education for all people.