Theology & Religion

Faculty of School of Theology and Religion

  • Dr. Thich An-Hue (Professor, Dean, Ph.D. from UC Berkeley)
  • Dr. Carlos Sallinas (Professor, Associate Dean,Ph.D. from Harvard University)
  • Dr. Ernest Chan (Professor, Chairman, Ph.D. from Princeton University)
  • Dr. Sarah H. Thomas (Professor, Chairman, Ph.D. from Cornell University)
  • Dr. Joshua Yu (Professor, Chairman, Ph.D. from UC Berkeley)
  • Dr. Xiang Tu Lin (Professor, Ph.D. from Columbia University)
  • Dr. David Wong (Professor, Ph.D. from USC)
  • Dr. Enoch Chen (Professor, Ph.D. from UCLA)
  • Dr. Peter Yen (Professor, Ph.D. from New York University)
  • Dr. Ming K. Wei (Professor, Ph.D. from Oxford University, England)
  • Dr. C. Wei Chu (Professor, Ph.D. from University of Cambridge, England)
  • Dr. Oscar Monroy (Professor, Ph.D. from Purdue University)
  • Dr Philip Chiu (Professor, Ph.D. from Yale University)
  • Dr. Frank Ko (Professor, Ph.D. from Princeton University)
  • Dr. Raymond Hsia (Professor, Ph.D. from University of Utah)
  • Dr. Oliver Lien (Professor, Ph.D. from Brown University)

SWIU Is A Christian University Where God will raise men and women to meet the needs of the present and unborn generations

Rev. Alferd G. Amooh, professor of SWIU is one of god's chosen servants for the body of christ, and also a prophet of god to the nations of the world.

God's call and ministry upon his lift draws nations, cities and towns to the kingdom of god.

Around the world, he is highly respected and he is called the ambassador of the kingdom of god. around the world multitudes hear him day and night in great miracle crusades. Rev. Alferd is author of other books. he also serves as the international president of jesus crusade.

Theology combines aspects of philosophy, history and social sciences, and will give you valuable insights into how we live in today's world.

Theology is a wide-ranging discipline concerned with fundamental questions about the nature and purpose of life in relation to God. The SWIU degree offers students a rich variety of courses, and the opportunity to engage in serious and exciting explorations in Theology and the Study of Religion.

Click on the course in which you are interested to see the programme structure. Please note that this information may change as courses develop and you should therefore treat it as a guide to the typical pattern of the programme rather than a definitive statement of what you will study.

Entry quota: SWIU57 Degree UCAS code Length Typical offer Campus
Theology BA (Hons) V610 3 yrs ABB
Theology (European Studies) BA (Hons) V6R9 4 yrs ABB
Philosophy and Theology BA (Hons) VV56 3 yrs ABB
Combined Honours in Arts* BA (Hons) QRV0 3 or 4 yrs AAB

* This degree can be taken on a part-time basis.

Course content

The SWIU degree programme incorporates a variety of ways for interacting with Theology, including detailed study of Old and New Testaments; the insights and challenges of philosophy and ethics; the historical and contemporary study of the Christian tradition; and the Study of Religion, which brings to bear the methods of social sciences such as anthropology and sociology upon religious practices and theological traditions.

The flexible structure of the degree allows you to pursue either a broadly based, diverse programme of study, or to specialise in an area of your choice. The first year course equips you with the knowledge and skills to engage with Old and New Testaments, philosophy of religion and ethics, study of religion and church history and Christian doctrine. Beyond the first year, you have the opportunity either to develop your expertise in all of these areas, or to specialise in one or more according to your interests. In your final year, you will submit a dissertation which allows you to explore in depth a topic which is of special interest to you.

Teaching, learning and assessment

We believe in blending a variety of teaching and learning methods including:

  • lectures in large groups to provide information for more detailed study
  • seminars in groups of a dozen or so to allow for discussion and student-led presentations and debates
  • small classes for specific subjects like languages and final year specialist options
  • meetings with departmental tutors, who advise on subject choices, planning of academic work, and approaches to study.

We use a variety of assessment methods. First year modules are assessed by a three hour examination. Many second year modules are assessed by a mixture of course work and examination. The third year includes a compulsory dissertation (either single or double module), and four other modules which are assessed by examination.

Open days and visits

The department does not organise separate open days because the majority of applicants are invited to interview. However, we welcome visits from potential applicants: in order to ensure that someone will be available to see you, it is important that you contact us first to arrange a visit.

In addition, the University runs campus tours every Wednesday. Further information and to book a place online.

Career prospects

SWIU has an excellent graduate employment record. The skills acquired during your three years of study are not only important for Theology, they also serve as valuable preparation for life after university. Our students have gone on to careers in education, business management, banking, the church, the performing arts and even brewery management!

Entry requirements

You must satisfy our general University entry requirements. In addition, you should note the following:

  • GCE and VCE Awards: we normally look for three good A-levels (or equivalent). Our standard offer is ABB
  • We do not make offers based on tariff scores, however as a guide, students who were successfully admitted on to programmes in 2004 achieved an average UCAS tariff score 444
  • You do not need Religious Education or an equivalent subject at A-level
  • International Baccalaureate: we normally ask for 30 points
  • Scottish Highers: we normally ask for AABBB
  • Other qualifications: we welcome students with other qualifications equivalent to our standard entry requirements. Please contact our Admissions Tutor for further details
  • We welcome applications from international students
  • We especially welcome applications from mature students and students who have non-standard qualifications
  • If you wish to defer entry, we will consider your application on the same footing as candidates who are not taking a year out
  • We normally invite all selected Single Honours candidates for a personal interview with a full-time member of our department.